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• In AutoCAD 2D and 3D, you can import markup data and send feedback in a single operation.• Now you can also import 2D layers as parameters and immediately apply the import to your 3D drawing.Add drawing data from an electronic source such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.• View and create linked workspaces, diagrams, and other types of content.• AutoCAD can now display objects from external sources and import data from linked content in your drawing.• You can now create content in another CAD application, and share it with AutoCAD through the cloud.• You can also publish workflows from other applications to the cloud, and import workflow components to your drawings.Use any program to create and edit content, and share it with AutoCAD in one step.• Select a cloud-based CAD application to create content in and edit it in your AutoCAD drawing.• You can open, edit, and annotate content in a variety of other applications.• You can now share your creations with AutoCAD through the cloud and import them into your drawings.Get a new look for you drawing surface and the 3D model.• Now you can easily change the appearance of your drawing surface, including line styles, colors, shadows, and more.• AutoCAD will now automatically and intelligently manage your line style settings for you.• You can now change the color for all or selected linetypes in a drawing.• In AutoCAD 3D, you can create a new color for all linetypes, or a specific style of linetype.You can now customize the drawing surface and 3D model to suit your preferences.• Customize the appearance of your 3D model, including colors, linetypes, and shadows.• You can now change the appearance of your drawing surface and 3D model in a new tab.Take advantage of new 3D features for 3D models.• Generate 3D models using a variety of 3D models and applications.• The new 3D Editor application now offers more 3D tools, including a 3D solid analysis feature and improved surface generation.• You can also use 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [March-2022]

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