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Explore Our Community By Bike

Trinity Bikes is all about giving our community a way to get out there and enjoy the life of cycling in such a great place, Redmond Oregon.  Redmond is our home and we see the potential our community has to enjoy cycling as much as any other town in Central Oregon.  We have been honored to be thought of as the driving force behind getting our community moving on a bicycle.  Because of our great partners, there is now a newly formed trail network (Cascade View Trail), a great number of cycling events, and group rides (for everyone!)

MTB Trails

Want to slay some MTB trails? Mountain bike riding in Central Oregon is awesome, and we've got a lot of it.  There are six popular trail networks in Central Oregon, three of which are right here in the Redmond area.  Below is a map of our great area, feel free to pan around and see all the great riding spots that Central Oregon has to offer.

***Winter is a great time to ride but please keep in mind that when trails are muddy, you should avoid them!  Any rut left behind by your bicycle tires takes several hours for a trail building crew to fix, so unless you plan on fixing your ruts, just find a better place to ride.  Find out what the trail conditions are on COTA's website.  Thank You in advance for your help in keeping our trail systems riding great all year long.

Redmond Trails

Pump Track

BMX? The Redmond Homestead Pumptrack is now open! A group of local kids went to the City Council asking for support for a place to ride their bikes in Redmond. Everyone who can ride a bike from ages 2-90 have fun here! Please follow the rules and only ride bikes on the track as posted. Please no scooters!

Pumptrack is located on N Canal Blvd & NE Hemlock.

Skate Park

BMX or Scooters? Head on down to the local skate park where scooter riders and skateboarders go to shred. The Redmond skatepark has a bowl with pool coping, a street area, a round steel coped L bowl with a "widow's peak" and a full on snake run, the only one in Oregon. 

The skatepark is located on15th St and Antler St, just west of the Spud Bowl.