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​adventure begins where the pavement ends


Riding on gravel roads has become an increasingly popular way to enjoy time in the saddle, and for good reason—there’s a lot of terrain to explore, it can be a more engaging experience than riding paved roads, there’s not much traffic, and anyone can do it. Checkpoint is a family of all-road bikes designed to extend your adventures. These bikes are capable, versatile, fun, and equipped with the rugged parts that hold up on a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re looking for a pure gravel bike or a tough, multi-surface ride for fast commutes and all-road adventures alike, you’ll find your perfect match in Checkpoint.


Carry the Essentials

Epic adventures require extra gear. But Checkpoint has you covered. It has loads of cleverly placed mounts for racks, cages, and more that make it easy to haul your essentials.

We recommend:
-Lots of water
-Front and rear daytime running lights
-Racks with bags, frame packs, or a lightweight backpack
-A repair kit with spare tubes, a pump, and a multitool
-Map and a GPS computer


Checkpoint is for Everyone

However you like to ride, Checkpoint can take your experience to the next level. The lineup is stacked with options—including carbon, aluminum, and women’s models. We can help you find the right one.


Stable Endurance Geometry

Checkpoint is all about having fun and exploring new places, so it’s built with a geometry that matches the adventure lifestyle. It’s less aggressive than a traditional road bike, comfortable over long distances, and stable in loose terrain.