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Trinity Bikes, based in beautiful Redmond Oregon, is a family based bicycle shop.  We cater to all levels of riding, but have a true soft spot for families.  Our staff is here for you, and you'll experience this with just one visit.  Stop by or call and let us serve you by being the best at what we do, care.


Why We Exist: 
Remember what it was like to ride a bike as a child? At Trinity Bikes, we are here to bring you back to your youthfulness by creating invigorating experiences that give you the freedom and simplicity of life.  We believe we are Redmond’s Bike Shop to get you there.  

Everybody riding everywhere; Kids, Adults, Families...Enjoying the Ride.


As the hub of Redmond bicycling, we create community opportunities for everyone to ride.


Trinity Bikes, serving Redmond since 2005.

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