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At Trinity Bikes, we carry products that we believe in.  The items in our store represent the quality we'd expect if we were the customer.  We choose what we sell and we sell quality which keeps you going.

There are many many places to ride here in Central Oregon. Depending on what you are riding depends on where you want to ride.


mtb trails

Want to slay some MTB trails?

Mountain bike riding in Central Oregon is awesome, and we've got a lot of it.  There are six popular trail networks in Central Oregon, three of which are right here in the Redmond area.  Below is a map of our great area, feel free to pan around and see all the great riding spots that Central Oregon has to offer. 


***Winter is a great time to ride but please keep in mind that when trails are muddy, you should avoid them!  Any rut left behind by your bicycle tires takes several hours for a trail building crew to fix, so unless you plan on fixing your ruts, just find a better place to ride.  Find out what the trail conditions are on