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At Trinity Bikes, we carry products that we believe in.  The items in our store represent the quality we'd expect if we were the customer.  We choose what we sell and we sell quality which keeps you going.

At Trinity Bikes, we want to see everyone out on their bikes, enjoying the ride.  We realize that a lot of woman want to get out on the trails and many are a bit intimidated or just don't want to hold the pack up.  This is why we've created our Woman's Only MTB Rides.  These are social, fun and educational all in one place.  Our Ladies ONLY MTB rides are the perfect opportunity to meet some like minded woman, of all skill levels. This is your chance to get away from the kids, husband, boyfriend, name it, and give it to the trail. Bring your bike, your helmet, some food/water and be prepared to have a great time.  We hope you'll join us!

2022 dates Coming soon

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