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Trek Electric Bikes
Electra GO! Bikes
What is an Electric Bike?

E-bikes have become the talk in the bike world the past couple years.  Although they have been around for several years, the past few have seen the most advancement.  Trinity Bikes was the first bicycle store in Central Oregon to offer the acclaimed Trek Bicycle Pedal Assist lineup.  Now, with nearly 3 years of experience and several Bosch Certified technicians in our Service Department, we have become the authority on Trek and Electra Pedal Assist bicycles. 


We believe in E-bikes!  We realize the benefits E-bikes offer and the “Limitless” riding opportunities they provide.  We encourage everyone to try out an E-bike to get the real experience they provide.

Here's what a few of our customers have said:

“This bike has changed my life!...I have a physical ailment that is limiting me from riding my bicycle, which I love, and now I can ride again!”  Bill L.

“I used to be able to ride a long distance, but now my body won’t allow it.  With my new Lift+ I can do everything, including tackling those big hills I used to walk up!” – Janelle C.




Trek Bicycles offer a multitude of E-bikes, one for every style of riding.  If you just want to go for leisure rides without fear of hills, tackle the forest roads and open wilderness, or simply to park the car and get to work efficiently without being sweaty (yuck), Trek offers and E-bike for you.  

E-bikes aren't cheating, they're enabling.  The beauty of the bicycles we stock is that you get to pedal them, no throttles here.  We want you to enjoy riding a bicycle and all it's benefits.  Stop by and give one of the several models in stock a try and experience what an E-bike can do for you.   

Electra is a name synnonamous with Comfort and Fashion.  Electra Bicycles offer not only one of the most comfortable bikes in America, but also some of the funnest colors.  The new Townie Go brings the E-bike platform into the fashion world.  If you want that super cute, extremely comfortable bike and the benefits of a Pedal Assist Bosch powered motor, then the Townie GO is for you.

Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes